Mrs. Michelle MURPHY Gaul F.N.P.

Family Nurse Practitioner  


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Benton City Granger Kennewick Mattawa Pasco Prosser Richland Toppenish Wapato West Richland White Swan Yakima Zillah

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Family Nurse Practitioner from neighborhood cities


Mr. Peter G. Scoville A.R.N.P.

111 Main St , Granger , WA - 98932
Phone: 509-854-2772
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner


Diana Jean Woollum MN ARNP

7360 W DESCHUTES AVE , Kennewick , WA - 99336
Phone: 509-783-0144
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner

Kimberly Raquell Larson ARNP

7211 W DESCHUTES AVE STE D-101, Kennewick , WA - 99336
Phone: 509-735-2126
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner

Mrs. Bernadette Marie Mcbride ARNP

2621 W Entiat Ave , Kennewick , WA - 99336
Phone: 509-460-0642
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner

Mrs. Peggy Ann Steward APRN

813 S AUBURN ST , Kennewick , WA - 99336
Phone: 509-586-8986
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner


Mr. John A Rogers Jr. ARNP

515 W Court St , Pasco , WA - 99301
Phone: 509-547-2204
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner

Ron Whitten ARNP

7819 Deschutes Dr , Pasco , WA - 99301
Phone: 509-851-8082
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner

Ms. Carol Jean Thamert MN ARNP FNPC

515 W Court St , Pasco , WA - 99301
Phone: 509-547-2204
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner


Dennis RYAN Hunt ARNP

820 MEMORIAL STREET SUITE 1, Prosser , WA - 99350
Phone: 509-786-2010
Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner
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